Calibration Inspections & Preventive Maintenance (Contracts)
One, two, or three calls provided per year in which complete optical cleaning, calibration inspection, mechanical checks and adjustments are performed at regular intervals at predetermined times during the year. Horizontal and Vertical lead-error checks provided once per year. Generally suitable for some government and vendor contracts, but government/ military/auto usually require at least every six months.

Calibration Inspection Only
Complete optical cleaning, calibration inspection with horizontal and vertical accuracy with entire magnification checks performed. No lubrication or preventive maintenance completed. Done on the usual select one, two, or three calls per year.



Items to Service:

  • Lamphouse

    1. Clean air passage

    2. Lubricate squirrel cage blower (except muffin fan)

    3. Clean Mercury Arc Power Supply interior, including fan

  • Tables, Focus Rods and Spindle assembly

    1. Remove entire top table assembly and focus rod as necessary.

    2. Clean and lubricate bearing  surface  for focus rod and needle bearing surface area.

    3. Clean all parts removed and stone table ways as necessary. Wipe clean.

    4. Assemble focus rod and table assembly and indicate table slot to be parallel with lens mount or Erector lens within .001.

    5. Check and/or correct Table Angle attachment to real zero.

    6. Clean exposed portions of the spindle and lubricate.

  • Guide Rod

    1. Clean and lubricate.

    2. Adjust shoe to sliding fit if necessary.

  • Optical Alignment

    • Make complete alignment check and necessary adjustments as outlined in the Axiscope manual (AC-4000)

  • Optical Cleaning

    1. Clean all lenses externally.

    2. Clean mirror.

    3. Clean Chart.

  • Magnification – All Magnification

    1. All models except J&L TC-10 & PC-14A.  Check image for size, distortion and unequal magnification on FIVE points.

    2. J&L TC-10, PC-14, PC-14A and all other equipment, check for image size only with exception to customer’s request for distortion and unequal magnification.

  • Power Elevation

    1. Check for full rated travel.

    2. Check limit switch settings.

    3. Check proper operation and speed.  Adjust trim pot.

    4. Check oil level in gear box on older J&L Epic Models.

  • Horizontal Speed Control

    1. Check travel limit switches for proper operation.

    2. Check proper operation and speed, adjust if necessary.

    3. Lubricate Leadscrew.

    4. Check Anti-backlash Nut for proper pin setting and tension, ring setting.

  • Lens Selector

    1. Check for proper operation.

    2. Lubricate if equipped with Bodine.

  • Chart Alignment

    • Align the Chart horizontal line to be parallel to top table surface with chart Vernier at zero.

  • Squareness & Parallel

    1. Check table ways to be parallel with table surface.

    2. Check table surface to be at a 90 degree angle with spindle.

  • Micrometer Lead

    • Check micrometer leads in increments of .200 inches.

  • Horizontal Table Lead Accuracy

    • Check table lead readings every inch of usable range.  Record readings.

  • Vertical Lead Accuracy

    • Check vertical lead readings every inch of usable range.  Record readings.

  • Video Image Alignment

    1. Check Rotational alignment

    2. Check Coaxial alignment

    3. Check AccuCentric LED Reticle alignment

    4. Check Autofocus